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What is a small house?


The environment and history of Kyomachiya were similar to the American fairy tale "The Little House" written by Virginia Lee Burton, so we named it "Gallery Little House."

Boston bag from 110 years ago!

Japan's first participation in the Olympics was at the 1912 Stockholm 5th Games (capital of Sweden).

Three people (Shizou Kanakuri and two others) participated, and it was recreated in the 2019 NHK Taiga drama "Idaten".

This Boston bag is the bag my grandfather (Fusajiro Okamura, 55 years old) used when he went cheering on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and he returned home full of souvenirs.

Sponsored by: Osaka Mainichi Shimbun European Tour (4 months)

          Paris, London, Rome, Naples, Hamburg, Harbin, etc.

It was the first overseas tour for Japanese people handled by JTB.

It seems that with the travel expenses, they were able to build a new house, which was a fine house at the time.

For details about the Olympics, please see the URL below.

Kyomachiya built 160 years ago

The Hamaguri Gomon Incident occurred in 1864.

In the previous year's political upheaval, the Choshu domain lost its position in Kyoto, and many of its retainers were killed in the Ikedaya Incident.

Aiming to regain power, the Choshu clan fought against the combined forces of Aizu, Satsuma, and the shogunate near the Hamaguri Gate of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, but the Choshu clan was defeated.

The center of Kyoto became the site of a fierce battle, and the city was engulfed in raging flames, resulting in a catastrophe that destroyed private homes, shrines, and temples.

The fire that started from the Choshu domain residence and the Sakaimachi Gomon gate spread, and the people of Kyoto called it ``Dondon burn'' and ``Teppo burn''.

This Kyomachiya, which was built at that time, has thin pillars due to a lack of wood.

Gap in the ceiling acts as a ventilation hole as heat gets trapped through the tiles.

The walls are made of bamboo, straw, mud, and plaster, with some parts of Japanese paper remaining. 

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